Westwood Middle School

We are committed to the success of every student

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About Westwood Middle School

Westwood Middle School

Westside MIddle School Whirlwind logo

Daniel Burney, Principal
Email: burneyde

Home of the Whirlwinds
3215 NW 15 Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32605
Phone: 352-955-6718
FAX: 844-770-0224

Grades: 6-8
Enrollment: 1050
School Colors: Green and White

Note: Email addresses are followed by @gm.sbac.edu

Front Office Hours are 8:00 am-4:00 pm.
Student Hours are 9:10am-3:30pm.
Breakfast Hours are 8:30am- 9:10am.

A Tradition of Excellence

Westwood Middle School is located in the heart of Gainesville, Florida. Consistently rated an “A” school, a tradition of excellence has been embraced at Westwood. This tradition of excellence can be found in every facet of the school: academics, athletics, extra-curricular clubs, and community service.  Westwood strives to provide an educational atmosphere that doesn’t focus solely on improving students in the classroom, but also providing them with the opportunities to improve as citizens and people. Westwood provides students a diverse curriculum to meet the needs of all learners and gives students the skills necessary to compete in a global marketplace.   Westwood is a community school that understands that every child should have a chance to reach their maximum potential.

Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

A safe place where learning, creativity, and an appreciation for diversity lead to achievement

To create a safe environment where learning is our priority, diversity is respected, and achievements are celebrated

Core Values
We are committed to providing:

  • A Safe and Respectful Learning Environment
  • A Rigorous Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessments
  • Supportive Interventions for Academics and Behaviors
  • A Caring Atmosphere where Family Involvement is Embraced

Thank you for making Westwood Middle School, “A safe place where learning, creativity, and an appreciation for diversity lead to achievement.”  Westwood is a place with high expectations for all students, faculty, and staff where teachers and students work together to build a strong, academic foundation based on state and national standards. We strive to provide a rigorous and relevant middle school experience with the character, climate, culture and curricula that prepare students to be successful at high school, college and in the work place.

Westwood Middle School is committed to establishing a cooperative and lasting partnership between home, school and the community to assist our students in acquiring a high quality education. This commitment is evident in our mission and core values. We offer a variety of opportunities for our students and encourage everyone to be involved in one of our exceptional programs. We are proud of our diverse community and our Whirlwind success!

School Board of Alachua County – SBAC


Westwood Middle School