Creating Opportunities for Makers and Entrepreneurs

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Lowering the Barriers to Manufacturing, Inventing, Creating, and Entrepreneurship

The local startup community in Gainesville is growing rapidly. Our mission is to keep those young companies and jobs right here in North Central Florida by supporting them with affordable, sustainable manufacturing to meet capital funding requirements.



Manufacturing in Gainesville, Florida

The local start-up community is growing at an accelerating pace. The community is primed and ready to transition to the next level, which involves keeping those young companies, their revenues, and employment opportunities right here in North Central Florida.


    The Story and Building Concept

    The Make.Work concept is specifically designed to address capital requirements and facilitate the rapid and efficient generation of commercial product and sales. The Make.Work team has observed many companies who, even after their prototype was working, spent precious years trying to raise capital to manufacture it. Small runs are typically very expensive due to the up-front costs and large per-part costs, particularly for the vast majority of small companies who are trying to manufacture here in the US. These young companies would prefer to handle their own manufacturing in this area, but lack the requisite sales to justify the $2-3M investment it takes to set up a dedicated manufacturing line.

    Make.Work provides the capacity for manufacturing ‘small runs’ in our 27,000 sq.ft facility with accessory buildings for shipping and inventory storage. Companies can lease space in our facility and share access to manufacturing facilities with other early stage companies.


    Mark Davidson has been creating as long as he remembers. He used to build electronics, art projects, and woodworking at home as a child- enough to routinely aggravate his parents. He realized during his undergrad work at UF (chemistry) that he had a real talent for making things work and teaching others. In graduate school, the research passion was added to the mix, and by the time he received his Ph.D. in 1990 (Chemical Eng.), he knew he needed to be in the startup business….


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